Creating an Action Agenda for the Next Decade
October 21-23, 2013 — Ann Arbor, Michigan 
BoP2013 Summit: Creating an Action Agenda for the Next Decade
Summit Design

Session Description

AgendaPlease click here for the Full Agenda

Each panel session will be 90 minutes in length and each plenary will be 60 minutes in length.

Session 1a:  Multinational Corporations and the BoP:  Seeking Scale

Moderator: Filippo Veglio (Director, Social Capital Focus Area-WBCSD)


1. Henning Alts Schoutz (Marketing, CEMEX México – Patrimonio Hoy)

2. Louise Koch (Program Manager, Grundfos LIFELINK)

3. Jean-Christophe Laugee (Social Innovation & Ecosystem Director, Danone)

4. Vijay Sharma (General Manager - Rural, GSK)

Key session outcomes:

1. Better understanding on challenges & opportunities around creating scalable BOP ventures within large companies

2. Insights into solutions and strategies to tackle internal & external challenges to achieving scale

Session 1b: Non-Profits and BoP Ventures: Integrating Economic and Social Goals with Viability and Scale

Moderator: Chris Jochnick (Director, Private Sector Department, Oxfam-America)


1. Gaurav Gupta (Partner & Regional Director for Asia, Dalberg) 

2. Marcela Hahn (Executive Director, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, CARE USA)

3. Gerald Lewis (COO and Senior Partner, Point Innovate LLC)

4. Radha Muthiah (Executive Director, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves)

5. Don Seville (Co-director, Sustainable Food Laboratory)

Key Session Outcomes:

1. Identify challenges and opportunities faced by non-profits in their efforts to develop and scale BoP venture

2. Identify how BoP ventures can address broader non-profit  development ends, including empowerment and policy change

3. Identify challenges and opportunities in trying to simultaneously scale BoP ventures while addressing broader development ends

4. Explore strategies to facilitate the creation, by non-profits, of a growing community of sustainable and scalable ventures that also positively impact key social issues

Session 1c:  Understanding the BoP: Building Ventures that Incorporate the Local Context

Moderator: Madhu Viswanathan (Professor, University of Illinois – UC)


1. Seth Faber (Subsistence Marketplace and Marketing Project CoordinatorWahl Clipper Corportaion)

2. Olivier Kayser (CEO & Founder, HYSTRA)

3. Ehsan Noursalehi (Vice President & Creative Director, BUMP formally IPT)

4. Srinivas Venugopal (Social Entrepreneur)

Key Session Outcomes:

1. Discuss challenges in gaining insights about BoP customers, entrepreneurs and marketplaces

2. Discuss challenges in designing solutions for the BoP

3. Explore how key challenges in understanding BoP markets can be overcome

4. Discuss how key challenges in designing solutions for BoP markets can be overcome

Session 1d: New Venture Development: Incubation to Acceleration—View from the Field

Moderator: James Koch (Founding Director, Center for Science, Technology and Society- Santa Clara University))


1. Radha Basu (CEO, iMerit & Co-founder Anudip)

2. Saurabh Lall (Research Director, ANDE)

3. Donn Tice (Chairman & CEO, d.light)

4. Nancy Wimmer (Managing Director, microSolar)

Key session outcomes:

1. Highlight key steps in the process of venture development and growth

2. Identify the challenges that influence the quality and quantity of start-up ventures

3. Identify the challenges that influence the growth of these ventures

4. Explore key strategies to enhance the venture development from start to scale

Session 2a:  Providing Financial and Other Resources: Re-thinking the role of Enterprise Support

Moderator: Sasha Dichter (Chief Innovation Officer, Acumen Fund)


1. Caroline Ashley (Director- Inclusive Business Results, Business Innovation Facility)

2. Thane Kreiner (Executive Director, Center for Science, Technology and Society- Santa Clara University)

3. Katherine Lucey (Founder & CEO, Solar Sister, Inc.)

Key Session Outcomes:

1. Examine what is and is not working in providing direct support to enterprises to accelerate development,

2. Highlight promising models and identify where gaps exist that could accelerate enterprise growth to scale


Session 2b:  Ecosystem Creation in Base-of-the-Pyramid Markets

Moderator: Radha Muthiah (Executive Director, Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves)


1. Javier Ayala (Executive Manager, Vietnam Business Challenge Fund & Leader of Inclusive Business Program, SNV Asia)

2. Madison Ayer (CEO, Honey Care Africa)

3. Myrtille Danse (Executive Director, BoP Innovation Centre)

4. Olivier Kayser (CEO & Founder, HYSTRA)

Key Session Outcomes:

1. Examine lessons learned from efforts to create a market for introducing new products and services and exploring how these might apply to other BoP contexts

2. Understand BoP customer’s psychological and behavioral responses to new product introduction and how these can impacts the type and amount of future usage

3. Identify best practices on creating a global platform to promote market creation and discussing how these can be applied to other products and sectors

4. Explore key strategies needed to enhance future market creation efforts

Session 2c:  Building Institutions to Facilitate Enterprise Growth

Moderator: Stuart  L. Hart (President, Enterprise for a Sustainable World; Founding Director, Emergent Institute)


1. Priya Dasgupta (Director of Strategic Initiatives, Emergent Institute)

2. Fernando Casado (Founder, Director of CAD, BoP Lab Regional Network- Europe)

3. Stefan Maard (Senior Advisor, Novozymes)

4. Andrea Shpak (Director, BoP Global Network)

5. Sahba Sobhani (Acting Program Manager- Business Call to Action, UNDP)

Key Session Outcomes:

1. Explore opportunities and challenges in building networks connecting BoP ventures

2. Identify successes and challenges in training BoP entrepreneurs in the developing world

3. Discuss strategies for capturing and sharing lessons learned

4. Debate the best approaches for future institution building in this domain

Session 2d: Achieving Social Performance:  Assessing and Enhancing Poverty Alleviation Impacts

Moderator: Sateen Sheth (Manager Research Project Implementation, WDI)


1. Doug Balfour (CEO, Geneva Global) 

2. Genevieve Edens (Impact Assessment Manager, ANDE)

3. Heather Esper (Program Manager for Impact Assessment, WDI)

4. Steve Wright (VP-Poverty Tools and Insights, Grameen Foundation)

Key Session Outcomes:

1. Help participants develop a clear understanding of the benefits of impact assessment and when it is appropriate to perform

2. Identify the main challenges to performing impact assessment

3. Share common pitfalls that organizations should avoid when conducting impact assessments

4. Discuss available resources for those interested in performing impact assessment

5. Explore opportunities to improve the impact assessment field, including identifying opportunities for collaboration, leveraging standardized outcomes, and sharing lessons learned

Plenary 1:  Best practices, Major Roadblocks, and Next Steps: Health Care

Moderator: Prashant Yadav (Director of HealthCare Initiative, WDI)


1. Gina Lagomarsino (Managing Director, Results for Development)

2. Marc Kerachsky (Director, New Market Models- healthymagination, GE Corporate)

3. Ambassador John Simon (Founding Partner, Total Impact Investors) 

Key Session Outcomes:

1. Better understand the opportunity to create healthcare for BOP models that are sustainable and scalable

2. Explore key challenges in building viable healthcare models

3. Identify next areas of research on health markets for the BoP

4. Critique evaluation metrics for Foundations and other investors in BoP health markets

5. Debate whether innovation in healthcare BoP models that can be applied to other BoP segments (such as Consumer products) and vice-versa.

Plenary 2:  Best practices, Major Roadblocks, and Next Steps: Agriculture

Moderator: Simon Winter (Senior Vice President- Development, TechnoServe)


1. Stephanie Hanson (Director of Policy and Outreach, One Acre Fund)

2. Maya Horii (Associate Principal, McKinsey & Company) 

3. Denise Knight (Director of Sustainable Agriculture, The Coca-Cola Company)

Key Session Outcomes:

1. Better understand of the opportunity to create sustainable and scalable models that serve producers, especially low-income farmers, in BoP markets.

2. Explore key challenges in building viable BoP agricultural models

3. Identify next areas of reach and investment on agricultural markets for the BoP

4. Explore key strategies needed to enhance efforts to serve low-income producers


Plenary 3:  Funders' View: From Ideas to Action

Moderator: Ted London (Director-BoP Initiative, WDI)


1. Patrick Fine (Former VP of Millennium Challenge Corporation and current COO of FHI360)

2. Alonzo Fulgham (Former Acting Administrator, USAID and current VP, CH2M HILL)

3. Eriko Ishikawa (Global Program Manager, IFC)

4. Graham Macmillian (Senior Program Officer, Citi Foundation)

5. Jin Wakabayashi (Director, Private Sector Partnership Division, Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA))

Key Session Outcomes

1. Discuss the types of resources that different funders can provide and the factors that influence their decision-making process

2. Provide insights to the working groups with regard to creating potentially fundable outcomes

3. Given the overall goals of the Summit, explore how best can we engage funders as we move forward on this journey

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