Creating an Action Agenda for the Next Decade
October 21-23, 2013 — Ann Arbor, Michigan 
BoP2013 Summit: Creating an Action Agenda for the Next Decade
Summit Design

Thanks for joining us at the premier BoP conference of 2013

200 leaders from the corporate, nonprofit, development, foundation, and entrepreneurial worlds convened at the Ross School of Business with a focus on building better BoP enterprises of today, and a robust roadmap for the BoP community of tomorrow.

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Participate in rich conversations that explore successes achieved, challenges overcome, and lessons learned over the past decade in developing BoP ventures.

Discuss innovative solutions to address existing roadblocks with BoP experts from across sector and across the globe.


Engage in jointly creating a roadmap for the future development of the BoP domain, which encourages innovation, leadership, and collaboration.

Be part of a working group, directed by a member of the Summit Leadership Team, to create an action-oriented agenda. Present your findings and recommendations at the end of the conference!


Develop new relationships with leaders from MNCs, social enterprises, international development organizations, non-profits, foundations, impact investing organizations, and leading universities.

Benefit from active interactions with colleagues committed to creating scalable enterprises that truly help alleviate poverty.


The Base of the Pyramid (BoP) sector shows great potential to develop enterprises that can transform lives. The past decade has seen substantial growth in the number of BoP ventures, provision of quality services to the poor, and investor interest in the sector. But there is growing recognition that roadblocks continue to exist which can limit venture sustainability, scalability, and success.

In addition to exploring key success factors and addressing major challenges in BoP venture development, we will also be co-creating a new roadmap for the future development of the domain.

Together, we can push the boundaries on building successful BoP enterprises of today, and a more robust BoP community of tomorrow!

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The BoP Summit 2013 was the fourth in a series of successful conferences organized by WDI in the BoP domain.

The WDI team will be aggregating the summit's outcomes into a report that will be distributed to the broader community.

NextBillion BoP BlogNews and articles about the summit can be found on NextBillion. We would love to hear from you on our new blog.
Join us October 21-23 as the University of Michigan and WDI host their 4th seminal BoP Summit—a conference focused on the most relevant BoP opportunities and challenges. Attendees will:
  1. Participate in rich and robust conversations about successes, challenges, and lessons learned
  2. Engage in creating a roadmap for the future development of the domain that encourages innovation, leadership and collaboration
  3. Develop new and strong relationships with colleagues committed to creating scalable enterprises that truly help alleviate poverty
Together, we will develop boundary-pushing strategies for building better BoP enterprises today, and co-creating a robust BoP community tomorrow.

We already have 116 participants. Review our guest list, then add your voice and expertise to the BoP effort. Register here
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